August 12 2012;

Went in future shop again and we bought so many stuff haha

  • My sis bought a new cam
  • With a memory Card
  • I bought a new memory card for my cam
  • Bought a new phone for the house
  • I bought some pants
  • My sis bought some blazers
  • My mom bought some shoes and shirts

We had so many plastics to carry


August 11 2012;

Bought my

  • Ipod touch with camera
  • My USB
August 10 2012;

Soooo I went shopping with Kels!!! Once again, I bought so many stuff. I also bought the earrings I’ve always wanted . omgg….. haha. Anyways, my feet hurts so much. Good think I had the H&M card. Anyways yea… lol 

omggg!!! I can’t believe all of this is happening. 

freak the writers.. !!!!!!!!!!


I’ve been asking you to go shopping with me the whole freaking week since I had no one to go with. And when I won’t need you too come shopping with me you say you’re coming. WTF!!!! GAHH… 

I don’t get you !!!!

August 3 2012;

So that day, Me& M-A went in La Ronde to see the fireworks. It was also Osheaga where Down With Webster was going to be there. So we left around 2. And when we went out of the metro to go in the other one, there was so many people omg.. 

Anyways, we went to ride rides and then we watched the fireworks. Omg, it was so pretty. It was the last one, and the music was by Queen. Omg I love them like so much~!!! So I was really happy to know it was them. 

But the worst part was when we were going home. Omg. We didn;t took the bus . Since there would be lots of people. So we walked super fast since it was night and all. And their was so many people that they had a line out of the metro. and yeah…

It was a fun day though:P. 

We came home around, 12:30 

This is how boring my life is -_-‘


I’ve never

  • smoked
  • kissed someone or madeout
  • had sex
  • had a legit relationship
  • been on a date
my head hurts so much.. I guess it’s the fact I woke up at 7 and was out the whole day :S. Anyways, off to watch Degrassi then I’m gonna sleep X(
Goal for August 2012

Okay starting by tomorrow, I’m going to start eating healthier. That means, no more junk food. Probably on my free day of the week but other than that noo. Starting to drink more water than any other beverages and doing exercises.

SO it would go like this. I would wake up. Once I’m fully awake,I’ll do some warm ups, such as stretching. I’ll then do my routine. Once that’s finish, around the afternoon, or somewhere like that, I’ll do this dvd exercise. Once that’s finish, I’ll take a shower and eat my lunch.

After that, I’ll probably go out with friend and all.

well I wish august will be like that for me :(.

Anyways. Gotta stay motivated. There’s this quote that says :

"You will see the difference in 4 weeks, Your friends and family in 6 weeks and everyone will see it in 12 weeks "

So that will take around 3-4 months of healthy eating and exercises.

Processing a video is so lonnnggg
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